Sistem Informasi Perencanaan Pembangunan Desa Pada Kantor Desa Kaligintung (Studi Kasus Kantor Desa Kaligintung)

  • Raih Wisma Asri
  • Imam Tri Suryadin


Raih Wisma Asri, "Village Development Planning Information System at Kaligintung Village Hall Office". Final
Project DIII Informatics Engineering Program, under the guidance of Imam Tri Suryadin, M.Kom. 89 pages + xxxiii +
In the context of implementing the mandate of Law Number 25 of 2004 concerning the National Development
Planning System, Law No. 17 of 2003 concerning State finance, a village must have a well-planned plan based on
participation and transparency and democratization that develops in villages that are summarized in the Village
Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJM-Desa). this is a strategic village development plan within 6 (six) years.
However, the recording of development planning data in Kaligintung village still uses a conventional system in a book,
then recaps again to make a report. The process has many shortcomings including errors and lack of accuracy and can
cause duplicate data. And there are no detailed reports for development planning that are expected to produce a
computerized RPJMD to make it more efficient and effective. In addition, proper budgeting of funds is also needed so
that the funds used will be right on target.
Based on the description above, in this study a village development planning information system will be made at
the Kaligintunf village office. The author uses data collection techniques obtained using literature study, interviews, and
observation. The design of the system used is web-based, which can make it easier to add, delete, print planning data,
and make reports more effective and efficient as it makes it easier to find data so that it doesn't spend much time. The
purpose of writing this Final Project Report is to implement the Village Development Planning Information System at
the Kaligintung Village Hall Office.
The results of the development of this system are able to provide convenience in processing development planning data
that is in the Kaligintung Village Hall Office.


Mar 6, 2020
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