• Damar Eko Cahyono


The development of information technology is very rapid, very instrumental in everyday life. In the development of Blast
Computama currently still using the manual system in recording sales transactions and service, which is still using the
stock book to record inventory and still use the notes to record sales and service transactions. With the above problems
how to design sales information system, on Blast Computama.
Based on the above problem formulation, the purpose of research is to build a sales information system that is useful to
facilitate the recording of inventory and sales and service transactions. In designing and building sales information
systems, required data required. How to get the data by interview, observation, literature study and system requirement
analysis needed.
The design of the system performed to produce a sales and service applications on Blast Computama in accordance with
the needs of the company. Outputs from the sales system are inventory recording, sales and service memos, sales and
service report.

May 24, 2018
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