• Nur Wachid Adi Prasetya
  • Sri Kusumadewi


Clinical pathway is a multidisciplinary process that focuses on patient care to produce the best results that have
been determined. The implementation of clinical pathways ensures that no important aspects of service are forgotten.
During the implementation of clinical pathway for cataract disease (non complicated), the management of RSU Islam
Harapan Anda need to carry out the evaluation of patient examination conducted by doctors and medical personnel
according to  the  clinical  pathway. Evaluation results are  required  at  medical committee meetings, as  strategic
information for decision making. Evalution of patient examination that runs still by looking and counting one by one
examination data that exist in each file of cataract patient to be matched based on clinical pathway, so it takes a long
time and not efficient. Development of models from systems that can provide evaluation results faster, and more precise
based on clinical pathway for cataract patients (non complicated), is needed to help provide information with better speed
and quality. Data analyzed and used include medical service data, service class data, pricing group data, patient data,
employee data, room data, bed data, service unit data, visitation data, and unit visit data. The system receives medical
data service input, service unit data, and employee data as checking / visitation data of each service unit performing the
examination, then calculates the inspection status to obtain an inspection evaluation score of each examined patient.
System generate patient examination evaluation value as physician performance score, which will be reported to
management. Implementation of the system shows that the results of physician performance evaluation in accordance
with the number of inspection actions performed by clinical pathway. The result of validity test shows that all question
items have r-count value greater than r-table, so it can be said valid. The result of usability test show that the system has
usability test value of 82.51%, and has the predicate "Very Good".

Jul 23, 2018
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